Five of My Favorite Worship Songs Pt. 2


There are just so many worship songs out there now and every week there are new ones. Through my church, listening to my local Christian radio station (My family loves K-Love), and recommendations from friends, I discover new songs all the time. Here are five of my top favorites right now!

  1. O Come to the Altar, Elevation Worship.

If you read my post on my other blog about the mission’s trip I went on you would know that I recently found this song that really spoke to me while I was there. I listen to it all the time.

2. Not for a Moment, Meredith Andrews.

I had heard this song before but never loved it until I heard it in Maine. It really hit me when we sang it for the first time and I requested it every night after that.

3. All I Have is Christ, Sovereign Grace.

The music video that I put with this is pretty deep but that is how I first found this song. I watched the video and then I couldn’t get the song unstuck from my head.

4. How far Love Goes, Lifeway.

This was one of our Vacation Bible School songs but its message is for everyone. We sang it in church Sunday and that was so cool that a song that kids had been singing all week, adults were too.

5. Chasing you, Bethel Music.

When I went on vacation to Florida our friends introduced me to this song and I can’t stop listening to it. It is really catchy and brings back so many memories.

So those are the five worship songs I recently found. I’ve been playing them on repeat all the time. I even started learning some of them on the piano. I strongly encourage you to check them out 😀

Have you heard of any of these before?




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